This young pit bull mix was found tied with an electrical cord to a fence in an alley-way in Los Angeles. It had been beaten, spray-painted and burnt for fun.

When the rescue team of Animal Hope and Wellness (AHW) arrived, Arvey, the dog was sitting near another dog that did not survive. The rescuers rushed her to the hospital, where she started having seizures from a concussion.

The dog’s harrowing state brought tears to everyone. Her fur-less, skeletal-thin body was covered in mange, she had a hole in her paw, chemical burns and severe beating had damaged her organs.

“She had clearly been beaten and spray-painted and had a lot of injuries,” said Ellie Roberto, director of the organization. “The other dog, unfortunately, was not found alive.”

The doctor managed to reduce her brain swelling, stop the seizures and start treating her other injuries.

“Her main problem was blunt head trauma from the beating, lack of oxygen to her brain, which is from the strangulation and those two things in combination cause your brain to swell,” said veterinarian Dr. Brian McGrath. ”

AHW founder Marc Ching believes that a gang assault had brought this unimaginable suffering upon Avery.

Once Arvey leaves the hospital, she will go to a foster and be put up for adoption once her hair grows back.

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