Dayna Martin and her husband, Joe have taken “free-range” parenting to a whole new level by choosing to raise their children without school or rules.

Not only have her children Devin, 14, Tiffany, 11, Ivy, eight, and five-year-old Orion never spent a single day in class, they have never had to study, read books or follow rules. This mother believes un-schooling is actually better than what is societally accepted.

The couple seemed committed to breaking every parenting rule. They simply chose not to educate them in any way whatsoever unless the kids want to. No punishment, no chores or any form of restriction.

If the kids don’t want to study, they don’t have to. If they want to eat ice cream for breakfast or go to bed at 4am, that isn’t a problem. In fact, some days we don’t even know what time, or even day, it is as we’re not ruled by clocks.

In her interview with TheSun, Dayna said her parenting version was actually better than what is societally accepted.

We like to live our lives like every day is a weekend.

The mom pointed out that her methods were working and that their kids were growing up to become entrepreneurs. She did mention that, if any of her children decided at some point to go to school, they would definitely make it happen. But for them, it wasn’t something they would force on the kids.

In 2009, Dayna was the keynote speaker at an unschooling conference in London. And now there are Facebook support groups and unschooling camps throughout the UK.

What expert think?

I HAVE enormous worries about this, writes Brian Lightman, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders.

Children need to learn boundaries, they need rules and to persevere when it comes to doing things they do not immediately enjoy. We are aware of some very good examples of homeschooling but only when there is a planned program in place.

I would advise any parent to think hard before taking such a risk with their child’s future. To get into university, you need qualifications – it is not just a case of buying books and providing financial support.

I worry about these children’s future at a time when education is so important for young people.

Do you want your grandchildren raised unschooling? What do you think of this parental method? Give us your thoughts below!

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