The dog is a very good animal and most people love it. Along with his loyal, loving and intelligent nature, it has become a close friend to humans.

Earlier this month, while a priest in Brazil, Father José Geraldo Sobreira was leading mass at the Nossa Senhora das Dores parish, a surprise visitor appeared with a wagging tail.

However, rather than shoo the furry new parishioner away, the priest did quite the opposite. Sobreira shows a friendly nature with the pup, he embraced the dog’s presence, carrying on the mass with a smile — despite the distraction at his feet.

This pup obviously has time to playful in his mind.

This pup obviously has time to playful in his mind. (Source: Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores)

With his beautiful gestures with four paws, Sobreira Sobreira has earned plenty of praise.

Although it’s unclear where the adorable little puppy had come from, everyone understands that this angel’s visit is something divine and special.

Rather than shoo pup away, the priest shows a friendly with pup. (Source: Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores)

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