You can’t help but feel the excitement in this mother’s surprised scream. This was a hug that Stacey Faix nor her son, whom she placed for adoption decades earlier, wanted to let go. It was at this moment they met again for the first time.

In the video, you can see Stacey was standing holding a letter before the Pittsburgh Half marathon started.

“It was emotional I got really choked up and teared up”, Stephen shared on social media. “As we were holding and hugging, she said “I never got to hold you” and that kind of just broke my heart.”

Stephen Strawn was put up for adoption when Stacey Faix was just 15. Stacey recalled that when the baby’s parents arrived, she could only say good-bye to her little boy.

Unfortunately, all of the baby’s birth records were lost in a flood, which meant that the boy never got to see the name of his real mother.

A new law was put into effect in November 2017 allows people who had been adopted would be able to find out who their birth parents were so that they could make a decision as to whether to contact them or not.

Luckily, Stacey’s son has always wanted to meet her and gave his birth mother the biggest surprise of her life.

Thank you for sharing with us the reunion that no one wants to end.

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