In June of 2015, Stephanie and her husband Carlos along with their four children were involved in a horrific car accident took place in Brighton, Colorado.

When the car was flipping off the road and into the grass, Carlos died immediately and Stephanie, along with three of her kids were all seriously injured. Only the youngest member of the family, Sirena, a 2-year-old came away unharmed.

While all the other family members were rushed to the hospital, some by ambulance and some were airlifted, Nick Struck, a police officer was comforting Sirena who was in all alone, distraught, shocked and drenched in gasoline.

Nick acted like a father and protected her. He sang the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” that he used to sing to his daughter before. The soothing had a miraculous effect on her. It made her forget the tragic events and slowly eased her tension.

When the photo of Nick Struck holding Sirena found its way onto social media, it went viral immediately and was praised over the world by people for his compassionate actions.

Let’s continue spreading Officer Nick Struck’s wonderful deeds.

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