After an emotional reunion with its favorite person, a dog which had been stolen from his owner’s garden two years earlier made his way home.

Earlier this month, volunteers were taking in a big, blue-eyed stray dog at an animal shelter in Ukraine for whom life on the streets was obviously not kind. His exhausted body and mangy coat alluded to the many hardships that he had encountered.

The dog and his human discovered each other again thanks to the great instrument of the web, and the moment is enough to crush even the hardest of hearts.

His picture was taken the day the dog was carried in, and published online to search for prospective adopters. Naturally, they had no clue at this stage that he already had a loving owner.

The day the dog was brought in, his photo was taken and posted online to seek out potential adopters. (Facebook)

In an effort to find some prospective fresh relatives, staff shared a snap on social media. And although after his time on the streets, the dog didn’t look his best, Users of social media have done their utmost to assist the cause by distributing their photo across the internet. In hours, people around the world shared the post hundreds of times.

Just two days later, a female whose dog was stolen from her yard back in 2017 approached the shelter. She was sent the post of the shelter and was hit by how comparable the dog was to her missing pup.

For two years, she would have been looking for her dog. But could this be him?

A meeting was organised the next day to verify the suspicion— and it quickly became apparent that it was actually a reunion.

A meeting quickly became apparent that it was actually a reunion (schastlivie.zhivotnie/Facebook)

The excitement of the animal was obvious in his happy tail-wagging and it was clear that as he jumped up to be face-to-face with her he could not get near enough to his person.

“Tears of joy in the morning!” wrote the shelter, calling the reunion a “miracle.”

That’s precisely what the internet is supposed to use for!


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