High school is a hard time for teenagers; beyond puberty, this time of their lives brings more pressures try to fit in with peers. So how can parents inspire and support their children in this age?

Although 46-year-old Brian Sandusky was stepfather, he cared about his stepdaughter Sophia Wilcox, (now 20-years-old), by leaving an inspirational message stuck to her bedroom door every day when she was younger.

Therefore, every day before she left for middle school, Sophia found a Post-It note with a different quote, saying, or words of encouragement.

This fun morning tradition and his simple sentiments meant a lot to her. So Sophia kept those notes stashed away.

Sophia tweeted:

“I kept those notes & It’s been 6 years since then”

Six years later, Sophia is all grown up, and she decided to give those notes back to him in the most beautiful way possible on Father’s Day.

Sophia had them framed and wrapped it like a gift , inside a photo of her and her step-dad, surrounded with all the Post-It notes he’d given her.

When Brian opened gift of Sophia, he was overwhelmed with emotion and was choked. (Source: Sophia Wilcox/Kennedy News)

When Brian opened this gift, he was overwhelmed with emotion and was choked ‘these are all your notes’ while Sophia lovingly rubs his arm.

Sophia replies:

‘Yeah! I kept them all… love you.’

Sophia lovingly rubs arm of Brian (Source: Sophia Wilcox/Kennedy News)

It is a thoughtful gift. I think this story certainly gave us a lot of faith in humanity in kindness!

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