Waking up from surgery can be a frightening experience, particularly at the age of five. You may be in pain, you may not remember what occurred, and the only thing you really want is someone to comfort you.

When Slade Thompson woke up from a Williamsport, Pennsylvania procedure at UPMC Susquehanna Health, he was “calm and sweet,” but he wanted his mother.

Slade’s mother, Layla, was in the waiting room nervously awaiting her son to come out of his procedure. She was so worried about him that she just wanted him to feel secure and looked after. Needless to say, to get him out of the hospital and home to the comfort of his own bed, she couldn’t wait.

But when Slade woke up from the surgery, the nurses ‘ team had to check his vitality before allowing Layla to enter his room.

Annie Hager, RN, one of his nurses, told Slade that it wasn’t quite time for his mother to be with him — and that’s when he asked her for a favor.

Annie Hager (Facebook)

“He asked me if I would snuggle him and take care of him. I jumped right in that bed and snuggled up that little guy so fast! His small sweet request made my heart so full!!!”

When Layla went in and saw Annie snuggling with Slade, she was so moved that she took a photograph. The hospital later shared the pictures on Facebook, praising the nurse for going beyond and beyond to comfort Slade, and it went viral with thousands of views.

When Slade Thompson of Renovo woke up from tonsil surgery, all he wanted was to be snuggled and cared for. Not thinking…

Posted by UPMC Susquehanna on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Slade and his mom returned to the hospital for his follow-up appointment with a surprise for Annie about a week after his surgery: a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Annie was blown away, telling Slade’s mom, “I thank God every day for people like you and your precious little man! I feel so blessed to have met you all that day and truly feel I’ve made some wonderful friends through it. This right here is why I LOVE my job. It is why I go to work every day. It’s moments like this that make it all worth it.”

“This right here is why I LOVE my job. It is why I go to work everyday. Its moments like this that make it all worth it,” Hager wrote. (Instagram)

Seeing Slade back on his feet with a large smile on his face is great! It’s thanks to hard-working nurses like Annie, and during our darkest hours we can’t thank them enough for being there.

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