When this 3-year-old little boy got on the bus with a young man, he started crying. That was something that Tim Watson, a Valley Transportation Authority bus driver in San Francisco saw often. But this time, his gut told him something was wrong.

When he looked at the boy, he had a look of fear in his eyes. That’s not how the typical child looks when getting on the bus with a family member, even if they are in the middle of a temper tantrum.

He watched the two walk down the aisle to find a seat, from his rearview mirror. It was then that he thought about something he had seen on the morning news about a three-year-old boy who had been reported missing from a library in San Francisco. The report stated that the boy was wearing a blue shirt, plaid shorts and red crocks on his feet.

Tim, who was the father of two, believed this could possibly be the boy that the police were looking for. To check if it was the missing boy and not to want to scare the man off, Tim announced to the people on the bus that one of the passengers who had ridden the bus earlier left a green backpack and before leaving to the next stop, he needed to check the bus.

To make it look good, he asked all riders to check under their seats. When he got to the seat where the man and the little boy were sitting, he was able to get a good look at the boy. He was wearing a blue shirt, plaid shirts and red crocks, just like the missing boy on the news.

At this point, Jim was sure it was that little boy that he’d heard about. He realized he only had a few minutes to do something before it was too late.

When getting to the front of the bus, he secretly called the police. The police told him to continue to his next stop as planned and that officers would be there waiting.

Tim got to the next stop and two police officers covered the rear of the bus while several officers were at the front of the bus. Police quickly arrested the man and took the boy from his arms safety.

The boy was taken to the police station to meet his parents. Tim could only imagine how happy they would be to find out their son was safe and sound.

Turned out, Tim was right. It was the missing boy when he was interviewed by the local news stations. Tim said: “I feel I just did what any father would do.”

If Tim hadn’t trusted his gut on this, there’s a good chance that boy would never have been found. Thank you, Tim!

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