Owen Long, who has autism, was asked to go into the Sun Restaurant in Williamsville to get a take-out menu and come right back.

“We knew all day we were going to eat at Sun Restaurant. Owen likes to know exactly where he’s going to eat every night,” Sandra Block, Owen’s mother, said.

Sandra said the boy’s father and he practiced before he went into the store.

“So he said to him, ‘Owen just go and get the takeout menu and come right back,’ and they practiced it in the car.

‘You’re going to ask — what are you going to ask?’ ‘Take out menu,’ ‘Okay good,’” Sandra added.

Owen run into the restaurant however he didn’t return immediately. Owen’s father grew nervous, so he went inside to see what was happening.

Aye Thein, Sun Restaurant Partner and Manager. (Video Screenshot/ Youtube)

Thein had the chef make him beef curry. Owen’s dad went into the restaurant and found his son eating curry.

“After that he said I’m hungry and when I look at his face, from my heart I said, ‘Oh, he’s a very special boy to me.’ I said, ‘What do you want to eat honey?’ I asked him, and he said, ‘I want to eat beef,’” recalled Aye Thein, the restaurant’s co-owner.

The reaction of Aye Thein to Owen’s admission that he was hungry was something the mother had never seen or expected.

“That is just so uncommonly kind like how often can you imagine, I’m going to cry thinking about it,” Sandra said.

Mom Sandra quickly took to the business’s Facebook page to write about the experience.

“Little story.

So my husband tells my son (who has autism) to run in and get a take-out menu from Sun Restaurant. They even practice it in the car beforehand. Then my son goes in and my husband is waiting…and waiting…and waiting…so finally decides to see what’s going on. What’s going on is that my son is at a table, eating. Apparently, he told the hostess “I’m hungry.” So she sat him down and asked what he wanted to eat, and he answered: “beef.” She told her cooks, “hurry, this boy is very hungry,” and made him a beef curry with rice. She said that he was so sweet she was planning on letting him eat for free.

I [heart emoji] Sun Restaurant in Williamsville. If you end up there, thank them again, from me. For their kindness, and for treating my son like family.”

Sandra’s post generated thousands of reactions of social media.

“It went viral I’m sitting there refreshing it and telling Pat, my husband hey we got like a thousand likes on this and then I’m like no make that 1,200, make that 1,250,” she said.

Little story.So my husband tells my son (who has autism) to run in and get a take-out menu from Sun Restaurant. They…

Posted by Sandra Block on Saturday, May 20, 2017

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