Over the years, Kid Rock has been an advocate for those that gave everything, our country’s fallen heroes. It’s no surprise that Rock has performed countless times for servicemen and women overseas in countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Kosovo.

Kid Rock is also heavily involved with the organization “Operation Homefront.” This is an organization that provides emergency assistance to U.S. military troops, their families and returning military veterans.

He recently teamed up with Nova Scotia rock band The Trews for an emotional tribute to our military called “Highway of Heroes.”

The song is sung from a fallen soldier’s point of view who is being brought home to be put to rest after being killed in war.

Though the narrator has died, no matter how hard it may be, he still doesn’t want his family and friends to suffer his death.

Colin MacDonald, The Trew’s lead singer, sang the opening verse and chorus, which sets up the touching story. On the second chorus, Rock joined MacDonald and it will give you chills.

The beautiful song’s heartbreaking lyrics perfectly put into perspective the sacrifice that so many Americans make for the freedom of their nation. Their singing will likely bring tears to your eyes.

Rock shared the video on social media network, imploring people to not wait for a holiday to thank our service men and women.

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