There are few stories that exemplify the saying “You’re never too old to make a difference” better, than that of Lincoln Parkes.

Dr. Lincoln Parkes is a 92 years old Navy Air Corps veteran who dedicated more than 60 years to building custom-made carts for paralyzed animals in his small white workshop in a tiny Chesapeake Bay town in Oxford. So, hundreds of animals have regained their mobility.

Parkes got his first patent in 1961 and never stopped tinkering. He now spends his days designing and crafting carts for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and any other animal that requires one. These carts in function resemble a wheelchair. Parkes exclaimed:

“I retire every day around midnight.That’s the only retirement I get, but I’m having fun doing something useful”

Parkes spends his days building wheelchairs. He only rests every evening around midnight. (CBS News)

The owner of a dog, Ileana Moya said that she thought she was going to lose him for sure because he had a spinal disorder. But that didn’t happen, he was helped by Dr. Parkes.

Another client, Lynne Spector, said that he was like a lifesaver to all these animals. Thanks to his help that her dog went from just lying around to chasing deer again in her backyard.

when they run out the door after being carried in, that’s his paycheck, Parkes said. (CBS News)

For Parkes, he said that he doesn’t do this for the money. He said:

“When I see them run out the door after being carried in, that’s my paycheck”

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