Moyo almost drowned at just a few days after being born, while trying to cross a flooded river. The baby elephant was then abandoned by his herd, luckily, rangers found him just in time – a pack of hyenas had him surrounded.

Abandoned by her herd, baby Moyo was found surrounded by a pack of hungry hyenas (Youtube screenshot/BBC)

He was taken to the Wild Is Life Zen Sanctuary in Zimbabwe, where he became very attached to founder Roxy Danckwerts.

Moyo is so attached that he won’t let her out of his sight. He follows Danckwerts everywhere… but he keeps getting bigger that makes this a little tricky.

Moyo isn’t exactly aware of how big he’s gotten … (Youtube screenshot/BBC)

“She is one of those animals with whom I have formed an extraordinary bond of friendship, trust, and love. Letting go will be hard,” said Danckwerts.

Little Moyo knows no boundaries … (Youtube screenshot/BBC)

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