One-year-old pit bull Ollie has already been walking eating and drinking all on his own just one day after being dragged down the road behind a moving pickup truck.

The painful story happened around 10 a.m last May near the corner of Northcliff Boulevard and Franconia Avenue in Spring Hill. Jan Harwood, the owner of Nature Coast Animal Wellness & Surgical Cente, was driving down the road when she spotted what she thought was a plastic bag, but quickly realized it was a pit bull being dragged by a truck.

A pit bull named Ollie was injured after being dragged behind a pick up truck, police said. (Nature Coast Animal Wellness & Surgical Center/Facebook)

As the truck was turning, she said the dog slipped out of his collar and collapsed in the middle of the road. She and another witness who stopped to help rushed Ollie to her vet clinic. The dog’s skin and foot pads were severely wounded in several places. Miraculously, Ollie had no broken bones and the recovery was possible.

“It was it was the absolutely most horrific thing that I’ve ever witnessed,” Jan Harwood, told told Orlando’s FOX 35, “It’s a tremendous feeling to know that this baby boy has survived that horrible accident.”

After investigating, Gregory Tousignant, 58 from Florida was arrested on animal cruelty charges for allegedly dragging the pit bull behind his pick-up truck, badly injuring the dog.

Michael Terry, a spokesman for the Hernando Sheriff’s Office, said it did not appear that the dog’s owner intentionally dragged the dog behind the truck to harm him. It is illegal in the state of Florida to carry an animal in the bed of a truck that is not properly secured.

Nonetheless, Tousignant faces animal cruelty charges, which carry a $1,000 fine, Fox 35 reported.