Alex Passarello documented his time abroad as a young soldier, in a vlog, often talking about how he missed his family.

“Not to hide from the fact that I enjoyed doing what I do best, which is to serve my country, but he can not describe the pain that comes over oneself when you know there’s something missing. And you know what it is, but you can do anything about it.”

After 14 months in South Korea, this young soldier had a tearful reunion with his family. This final vlog entry from his deployment follows his journey home and into his loved ones ‘ arms.

By looking at his face and the reaction in their eyes, you can tell everyone in the family is happy to see Alex and Alex are happy to see this family again.

Unfortunately, not all soldiers and veterans have friends and family to come back to like Alex. Follow this link to find out how to assist homeless vets to find permanent homes.